Riley and Stitch

Wool and Cotton Combination Pom Pom Salopet Set

Beautiful Knitted Cardigan, POMPOM Dungarees/Bodysuit 3 piece set with white faux fur trim/Pompoms. A great salopette set. It's a super sporty coat, with a prominent knitting pattern, that can be worn anywhere, anytime, and has flashy buttons. Salopet, on the other hand, is an incredibly comfortable and stylish model, soft and with wonderful pom-poms. Inside is a natural-coloured bodysuit with long sleeves that can be worn at any time. Removable Synthetic fur trim/Pompoms. Knit;80% Acrylic ,10% Polyamide ,10% Elite , Gentle wash with gentle detergents. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach.


Made in Turkey • Care Instructions: Machine wash • Fabric: Wool and Cotton • Product Language: English
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